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Vision & Mission


GAB will be the autobody of choice and recognized leader of quality collision repairs throughout Winnipeg and neighbouring rural municipalities.

We will accomplish this by exceeding customer expectations, investing in the personal growth of staff, and using innovative processes.

We will continually focus our efforts to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing exceptional customer service and quality repairs.

We will encourage our employees to always seek more efficient ways to solve our customer’s concerns and to repair their damaged vehicles by adopting best practice, achieving certification and accreditation standards and using customer feedback to develop an understanding of the customer’s expectations.

To sustain our long-term success and reputation, all decisions will be based on serving our customer well, on honesty and on professionalism. We will be guided by “doing the right thing” all the time.

We will nurture a culture at GAB:

  • where hard work and continuous self-improvement are encouraged and fostered,
  • where creativity and self-direction are recognized and rewarded;
  • where enthusiasm and a respectful attitude to others is the rule;
  • where personal goals are secondary to the goals of GAB as a whole;
  • where employees take responsibility and are accountable for their own efforts and results; and
  • where our employees are empowered to continually discover and suggest potential areas of improvement with the systems and GAB.


To complete a proper and safe repair efficiently and without inconvenience to the customer. In turn, enabling customers to quickly return to their regular routine after sustaining physical damage to their vehicle.