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Pet Safety, Dog Seat Belts & More

pet safety in vehicles and dog seat belts

Our pets are part of the family.  With this increasing “pets as family” trend more pet owners are also choosing to bring their pet along for rides.  Few owners likely give much thought beforehand about pet safety such as dog seat belts, harnesses, crates, etc in the event of an accident. Dog Seat Belts &

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ADAS – The evolution of a car’s safety system

ADAS Evolution of a Car Safety System

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assist Systems and is one of the fastest-growing segments in automotive electronics. Knowing if your vehicle has ADAS is important because if any of the components containing ADAS sensors are disturbed or damaged there is risk of malfunction and possibly injury if the component is improperly repaired or installed. Even if out by a single millimeter or degree a sensor’s aim can alter its trajectory by 15 or more metres down the road.

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