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In an effort to reduce face-to-face contact, Gateway Autobody will be switching to a cutting-edge digital Smartphone tool for fast, convenient estimates. The tool will guide you through capturing all of the information that we need to prepare an estimate for you.

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What’s the difference between a tradition Estimate and a Pre-Repair Inspection?

Unlike a visual estimate, a pre-repair inspection involves meticulously taking apart key components of your vehicle to assess all noticeable and non-visible damage, photographing the panels, dashboard, scanning the vehicle for fault codes, and then reassembling the components.

While the pre-repair inspection takes more time upfront than the visual estimate, when it comes time to repair your vehicle the actual time spent in repair is shorter than the average repair time with visual estimates.

What’s the benefit of a Pre-repair Inspection vs a traditional Estimate?

For new model vehicles a thorough, pre-repair inspection is critical to ensuring a safe and proper repair. Today’s vehicles are so technologically advanced that a simple visual inspection cannot ensure all damage is evident or problems are detected.

Our pre-repair inspection not only allows required parts to be identified, the pre-repair inspection helps identify the need for recalibration or replacement of crucial components containing advanced collision avoidance systems and other computer controlled components.

Is a Pre-repair Inspection worth the extra time upfront?

We think so. A thorough pre-repair inspection helps gets you back to your normal routine more quickly and safely by improving the accuracy of the estimate which saves time during the actual repair.

By reducing the need for additional supplements requiring MPI approval and then waiting for parts to be ordered, received and delivered, our technicians can work on repairing your vehicle without having to stop because of part delays or waiting on specialized services.

Scheduling a damage Estimate/Pre-repair Inspection

With the new Direct Repair Process available through Manitoba Public Insurance you are no longer required to visit an MPI Service Centre in person if your claim is eligible. Instead, you can bring your vehicle directly to Gateway Autobody for your Estimate.

To schedule your appointment for an Estimate call Gateway Autobody directly at (204) 667-5544 or request an appointment on our page (