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Our Collision Repair Process

Whether you are having damage repaired and painted or restoring the finish on your vehicle, the smart choice is choosing a facility that prides itself on their workmanship.

1. Direct Repair Estimate And/Or Pre-Repair Inspection

The vehicle is rinsed before the estimate/pre-inspection to ensure all damage is visible. Next our team will meticulously disassemble the vehicle in and around the damaged area to confirm the extent of the damage. By removing key parts it is possible to identify hidden damage and avoid delay when the vehicle is in for repair. A detailed list of all required parts, clips, materials, and operations are identified. The Estimate is then created and/or verified. At this time the Estimator will also identify and confirm co-payment by the customer for the deductible (if applicable), potential betterment and/or paint allowance. If the vehicle is drivable it will be reassembled and returned to the customer until due for its repair appointment. If the vehicle is a non-drive, it will be stored at Gateway Autobody in its secure compound until the parts arrive. Gateway Autobody has 24/7 surveillance within its building and compound.

2. Authorization

If the cost of repair is being covered by insurance, the initial (direct repair) estimate must be approved by Manitoba Public Insurance. If the cost of repair is being fully covered by the customer, an Authorization to Repair is obtained.

3 Parts Ordering & Receiving

Parts to be ordered are verified with the supplier. If the vehicle has more than 20,000 km MPI requires a call go out for aftermarket or used parts availability before OEM parts may be ordered. On delivery parts are inspected for accuracy and/or damage caused in transit. For used and aftermarket parts, parts are checked for correctness, quality and fit and if unsatisfactory cancelled & reordered.

4 Disassembly & Repair Planning

When the vehicle is back in the shop for its scheduled repair the blueprint created in step 1 is transferred onto the vehicle to visually map out the repairs to be completed by the technicians. This provides a final check for any items missed or additional damage that may have occurred between the estimate and repair appointments.

5 Body Repairs

The vehicle’s body is repaired to fit all original factory specifications. We’ll work on dent removal, scratch repair, auto frame repair, glass and windshield repair and complete calibrations as required to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.

6. Paint Preparation & application

At this stage the vehicle is prepped for paint, colour and texture is matched to fix the existing finish on the vehicle.

7. Assembly & Quality Control

We’ll reassemble the vehicle and complete our final quality control checks for any final fixes necessary

8. Detailing & Final Visual Verification

The interior and exterior of the vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and a final look over is completed

9. Delivery

The vehicle is delivered for final approval by the customer and payment is finalized