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Do I need an MPI Estimate before bringing my car to Gateway Autobody?

For most types of claims, you do not need to have an MPI Estimate before coming to Gateway. Thanks to recent rules and regulations passed by Manitoba Public Insurance, Gateway Autobody is among a select few Repair Facilities that can assess damage and create a claim for your vehicle. To ensure that we will be able to provide an estimate, it would be helpful to contact us.

Can I phone for an estimate?

With today’s complex vehicles we really need to see the damage in advance of scheduling a repair to ensure all visible and hidden damage is identified upfront. Contact us and we will set up an appointment for your vehicle. We do accept walk-ins however, you may have to wait and, if the damage is extensive, we may need to ask you to return the vehicle at another time for a more complete work up.

When can I bring my vehicle in?

We order the required parts from the claim sheets provided by MPI. Once we have the majority of the parts for your vehicle, one of our staff will contact you with an appointment date to bring your vehicle in. We always strive to get your vehicle in as soon as possible.

Do I require more than 1 estimate?

Only 1 estimate is required when getting your vehicle repaired at Gateway Autobody Ltd. If working on your vehicle under an insurance claim and more damage is found, then we will directly deal with Manitoba Public Insurance on your behalf in order to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

How long will the repairs take?

When you schedule your repair, we will give you a tentative completion date. It is a good idea to check with us 24 hours prior to completion to confirm that we are still on schedule. Your repairs will be completed in a timely fashion without compromising quality standards for the sake of time. If we anticipate major changes to the delivery date, we will contact you.

I’ve been in an accident, what is the first thing I should do?

Report your claim to MPI at 204-985-7000 and if your claim is DirectRepair eligible call Gateway Autobody and we’ll look after the rest

Do you use after-market or OEM (original equipment manufacturers) parts for my vehicle?

Vehicles that are current model year and under 20,000 kms are generally entitled to original equipment parts. All other part replacements are subject to your Insurance Companies rules and guidelines.

Our commitment to quality means that we keep you completely informed about all aspects of the job while we are repairing your vehicle.  If the aftermarket parts are not up to the proper quality specifications, we won’t use them. You are our customer and we will do everything we can to work with your insurance company on your behalf.

What is a deductable and whom do I pay it to?

A deductible is money you pay out of your pocket before MPI steps in to pay the balance. As the insured, you are required to settle a certain amount of the total insured claims. For more information, view this pdf..

Do I pay you a deductible when my vehicle is done?

There are a number of different deductible options available from MPI. Depending upon the type of loss, you may or may not be responsible for paying any deductible amounts. Please check with your estimator while at MPI. There is also a term called Betterment. Betterment is the amount that you are responsible to pay for any parts that may be deemed as used. MPI calculates a depreciated amount for the part and will pay accordingly. Any betterment charges under $50.00 are usually covered by your claim.

Do you offer a written warranty or guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee our workmanship with the PPG Limited Paint Performance Guarantee. Click here to view more information.

Can my paint be matched exactly?

At Gateway Auto Body Ltd. our technicians are I-Car Platinum Professionals and we utilize only the latest technology in computerized paint colour matching. View this PDF to learn more about how colour matching works.

How long should I wait before I wash or wax my newly painted vehicle?

You should wait a minimum of 1 week before washing and/or waxing your newly painted vehicle.

My car has a Matte finish. How do I care for it?

A Matte finish is a type of car finish where the surface is intentionally dull and non-glossy. As this differs from your standard car finish, the care and precautions you take with this finish will also differ.

View this PDF to read the matte finish care guide.

Do you also do mechanical work?

Yes we do. We have a licensed auto mechanic on staff, and do a wide variety of repairs.

Can I fix something else on my vehicle while my MPI claim is in the shop?

Yes, when you drop off your claim we can give you a free estimate on any other repairs and or mechanical repairs that you wish to have taken care of while your vehicle is in the shop.

My windshield is chipped or broken. What do I do?

Did you know that MPI will cover the cost of a stone chip repair provided you carry a minimum of a $300.00 deductible? Simply call us for an appointment and we’ll do the chip repairs for you while you wait. If your windshield is damaged beyond repair, we offer a courtesy vehicle to you while we replace your windshield.